About us

Royal Chic is a Hair, Skin & Body care company which is 100% black owned based in South Africa. Royale Chic has derived an easy business model to empower entrepreneurs. Since April 2018, Royale Chic has been assisting customers to care for their hair, skin & body.

Is your hairline needing attention?  Do you want to add volume to your hair?  Do you love using natural products to care for your hair?  You will love our hair care range.

Pimples, Dark Marks, blemishes, Stretch marks and aging skin.  These and much more can be resolved using our natural skin care solution.

Period pains, irregular period, Low energy levels, stress, hormonal imbalance and other issues that affect women can be resolved using our carefully formulated womb and personal care solutions.

Lose weight and keep it off.  Use our fat burner kit and learn how to use the food you have at home to lose weight and keep it off

Everyone wants to look, feel and smell good right?  Try our Fragrance range and smell amazing.

All our solutions come with a support system to help you get the best possible results. 

Our Distribution model focuses on helping individuals start their own business.  This means our product can only be bought from a distributor who is registered with Royale chic.  Click on Become a distributor to find out more

The products are developed using: 

1. Pure Raw Shea butter supplied from Ghana 

2. Chebe and Karkar oil supplied from Chad 

3. Pure African Black Soap supplied from Ghana and Nigeria 

For a complete product locally produced oils and essential oils are used We use distributors to sell our product and they manage the relationship with their client assisting them to get the desired result. 

The Company intends to proceed in the business of developing, marketing, and distributing products made from natural ingredients.

What our clients say ...