1. I would like my hair or hairline to grow 

Hair growth results from two activities: 

1. Strengthening the strand of the hair. For that you can use Chebe Powder and Karkar oil or Chebe Premix butter for a one step solution 

2. Stimulating growth from the roots Our Deep Moisturizing hair butter is designed to stimulate growth, moisturize hair and feed hair from the roots.

2. How do I know if the chebe I’m using is real? 

Chebe powder is manufactured in different countries. The smell, texture and color will vary from country to country. The best would be to measure the results of that particular chebe powder against your own needs.


3. Why is it important to wash and condition my hair 

Washing hair removes dirt and fungi that may cause dandruff thus creating an environment conducive for Hairgrowth. Conditioning hair Softens hair balancing the Ph of the scalp and makes Detangling of hair easier.


4. I would like to get rid of stretch marks 

Stretch marks seem to be caused by a stretching of the skin. Their severity is affected by several factors, including your genetic tendency, degree of stress on the skin and cortisone level. To reduce the appearance of stretch marks our Indulging Body Creme and Tissue oil are best suited.


5. How do I remove dark Pigmentation, pimples(acne) and uneven skin tone

A clearly defined skincare routine will help with the above To cleanse you can use our: Pure African Black Soap or face wash. We also have a wide range of pure glycerine soaps. 

To Tone your skin you can use our: Witchazel and Rosewater toner. It removes dead cells and reduces enlarged pores. Creating a great environment for rejuvenation and moisturizing of skin 

To moisturize your skin you can use Pure Raw Shea butter Grapeseed and Baobab oil serum Alternating between day and night.